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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 24, 2014 8:00am-8:11am JST

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full details can be found on the program's website. >> welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. rescue workers are continuing the search for survivors in the aftermath of landslides. police and firefighters and s f self-defensel self-defense personnel say 49 people have died. the number will double in daytime. a highly train red skew unit from the tokyo metropolitan police department joined the
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operation. >> translator: we are here to find all the missing. i hope we can make full use of our experience in this rescue operation. >> officials from hiroshima prefecture say nearly 500 houses have been damaged by landslides. more than 1,600 people are taking refuge in shelters. i had to escape from my home. nobody knows its condition. >> translator: i'll have to make a tough decision whether to leave or to repair my home any live with risk. >> the physical and psychological health of those affected is a major concern. about 650 households remain without electricity and 170 are without water. it was just past 3:00 in the morning when the hillsides began to collapse. experts say dozens of mud slides happened at the same time throughout the area.
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this video shows boulders being pushed down a hillside that's already covered with mud and debris. the footage was shot two hours after it was swept through the residential area. a local resident shot the vid why. he says he was in bed when the landslide happened. >> it was very quiet when suddenly i heard a big bang. it was really loud. like a lightning strike. >> he says he was unable to move and partly because he didn't know of any safe place to flee. this is his home, circled in yellow and in the mountain above him all of the trees had disappeared. >> landslides occurred at 53 locations simultaneously. they're warning of more mud floes if the rain continues to fall. they have sensors at 14
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locations that they consider dangerous to detect any further mud flow. washington authorities are holding an observation ship. they've been inspecting the vessel for a week. it entered the country's territorial waters without permission. an nhk team on saturday witnessed it docked at magadan port. none of the 20 crew members had been detained. it is unclear how long the inspections will last. the ship left japan in early august and reportedly deviated from their permitted route. russian media quoted a officer saying that the ship failed to notify the authorities of any change in its planned route and is suspected of violating russian territorial waters. in a separate move, a senior russian defense official a nouned last week that a submarine from japan's maritime
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self-defense force was spotted near russian waters. it indicated russia is stepping up border security at a time when japan-japanese-russian relations are strained over ukraine. the u.s. has accused a chinese jet of flying dangero dangerously close to a u.s. patrol plane over the south china sea, but china rejected the charge as xroundless. u.s. defense department john kirby alleged a j-11 fighter jet made several close passes at a u.s. navy plane in international airspace on tuesday. he said the jet came closer than ten meters to the u.s. aircraft. he labled the actions of the chinese pilot aggressive and
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unsafe. china's defense ministry denied the allegation saying the chinese pilot is a professional and maintained a safe distance. ministry spokesperson said intrusive u.s. surveillance is the real threat to air and sea safety for both sides. yung urged the u.s. to arc bandon its close monitoring of china. russian trucks used to deliver aid to humanitarian efforts to ukraine returned to home soil. a russian foreign ministry spokesperson asserted the area still needed their support. the russian government this month dispatched 280 trucks carrying relief supplies. they were stopped at the border for over a week by ukrainian officials and eventually continued to luhansk without obtaining permission from ukraine's government. in eastern ukraine, ongoing battles are causing serious shortages of water, food and other daily necessities. the russians criticized ukraine for slowing its efforts to help residents while kiev called the act of violation of its
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sovereignty. u.s. president barack obama and german chancellor angela merkel have called russia's act a further provocation. the leaders spoke by telephone on friday. they expressed concern about the large numbers of russian troops on the ukrainian border. and they said russian shelling of the country represented a dangerous escalation. >> a township on a south pacific islet has decided to relocate to a neighboring island. the residents fear rising sea levels caused by global warming. the local authorities on taro island recently approved a plan to relocate all 800 residents to neighboring choisoul island, the only way to ensure the safety of the islanders. taro is less than two meters above sea level. they are concerned they could be submerged in the event of a tsunami.
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a school and hospital will be built within five years on the island and measures against possible tsunami will be worked out. the relocation of everyone in the community is expected to take more than ten years. an australian company assisting in the effort says it's very rare for the entire population of a pacific island to move. eu officials are a step closer to creating a network they say will locate people and places with pinpoint accuracy. they've launched two satellites for a navigation project designed to rival gps. the officials call their global positioning system galileo. they blasted the satellites into space on the russian soyuz rocket that took off from french guyana in south america. but they soon encountered a problem. officials say the satellites entered the wrong orbit. they say they are still able to control the space craft and they are trying to determine the impact of the error.
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the officials have launched six satellites so far, but they plan to eventually use 30. they say they hope to put the project into full operation by around 2020. galileo ran into financial problems in the early 2000s. in 2008, eu countries agreed to inject more money. so far, the project cost 5 billion euros. here's your three-day weather forecast.
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>> that wraps up this edition of
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"newsline." i'm keiko kit knewa in tokyo. thanks for joining us. it looks like the sky is clouding over. sunshine is shining through. i've taken a bus ride three hours from seoul. nestled in hills and blessed with good water, jeonju. the famous koreans have originated here. ♪ ♪ >> there used to be a lot of greenery in this tranquil town. all those tile roofs over there must be jeonju village.


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